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Back in the bosom of family, so to speak
never enough spike
Well, I've rejoined my family. More complete than I expected, actually. A brother back from dusting, that *was* a surprise. I wonder what Angel will say.

Darla is here, of course. *smiles* Drusilla is here, and plans to have a new childe soon. And I understand a number of brother's childer are coming soon. And one of Dru's childer, a pretty thing named Mnemosyne.

They had a room all prepared for me. I feel...young again. Half the time I've even dropped the Cockney without realizing it. There's a wild happiness in it, a freedom I wasn't expecting.

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I'm happy for you, Spike. I'm glad you've got your family back again.

What's the next lesson, by the way? I've been wondering...

*quirks eyebrow and smirks in an un-tara way*


OOC: (Shit, you know I'm really sorry. My ISP is down and I'm at the library. I posted in my journal as well. Talk to you later. )

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