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Been a very busy boy
never enough spike
Ohhh I've been up to wicked and terrible things. *smile* But my goodness what fun they've been.

Still yearning for what din't 'appen the other night, though.

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Wicked and terrible things? I'm very glad to hear it.

I arrived in Sunnydale last night.

Drusilla prepared a lovely room for me. Such a good childe.

Have you seen her yet?

No I 'aven't. Can I see you today, grandsire? I've been really, really naughty.

Is that who she is? Your Grandsire?

I still need some help with those boxes when you're free.

And as to your offer. I would very much like some orgasms with you. It has been centuries since I was with a vampire.

Yes, she's my Grandsire. And I'm sorry, demon girl, that I din't come over like I promised.

I'll come over soon.

And I'm glad you've taken me up on the other offer as well. I'm always eager to please.

[Locked to Anya and Spike]

That's ok.

Tell me when you are coming over. There's something strange going on. I think someone's watching the shop. Either the shop or me.

Also, I need to talk to you about Willow.

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