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Spike, the blonde Sex God

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never enough spike
Rather childishly disappointed. Was expecting something to 'appen, brought my a-game, and instead m'ere alone with my trusty tube of Astroglide. Almost to the point of either really girly tears or violent frustration. Something really tragically wrong with this picture.

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Poor little Willie

I shall have to come and see you. It will make life more interesting at least.

I have something to show you which should be a surprise.

*raises eyebrow* Really? I look forward t'seein' you, grandsire.

Are you? How much?

Do you really want to see your *soulless* grandsire?

Darla, much as I love Angel, I don't share 'is automatic assumption that soulless means evil.

Glad to hear it. You always were much too clever (or insolent) to let other people tell you what to think.

Probably a bit of both. M'serious about seein' you, though.

Soon baby boy.

Are you still Daddy's baby boy William?

You shall have to show me if you are.

I am indeed. *blushes*

As for showin' you...well...depends on wot you want t'see.

You can show Mummy how Baby is a good boy for his Daddy.

*grin* And how he is bad.

*shivers* S'been a long time Darla, but I think I can still manage both.

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