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First Day Back
never enough spike
well it's my first day back, so to speak. *sighs* Still have to see everyone and get all the balls rolling.

So many people to see, so many people to love. I've been starved of it, and now I intend to feast. Sorry if that's not the reward the PTB had in mind, but there it is. S'wot I want.

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*nods* well *that's* good news. Definitely don't even want to 'ave t'think about Niblet and orgasms in the same sentence.

That's okay. If she has any questions she can ask me. I think Tara would be too embarrased. I don't know why - it's natural, and a woman should always have lots of orgasms, even if she has to give them to herself.

M'definitely there with you about the orgasms, luv.

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