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Long overdue update
never enough spike
Haven't been on the computer in a while. Too busy shagging. Or being punished. Or being shagged and punished at the same time.

So many lovely things happening. My Sire has truly and properly reclaimed me. My childe-to-be is proving more than acceptable to all the family. We're all settled in the castle and things are proceeding better than could be reasonably expected.

On the down side...I think things with Giles are permanently at an end. My Sire does not approve of me fucking or being fucked by males outside the family. He made this rather *forcibly* known recently.

Overall though, I'm deleriously happy. And shagging *almost* enough to quell even my formidable Seducer appetites.

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Thanks Sire, I want to please you and the family. And really, if you're not getting enough sex, you know I'm ALWAYS up for it. ;) Love you...

*chuckle* My lovely childe. We'll definitely have to discuss this. Love you too, my treasure.

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