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First Day Back
never enough spike
well it's my first day back, so to speak. *sighs* Still have to see everyone and get all the balls rolling.

So many people to see, so many people to love. I've been starved of it, and now I intend to feast. Sorry if that's not the reward the PTB had in mind, but there it is. S'wot I want.

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Hello Spike,

Could you come by the shop please? Some heavy boxes have been delivered and Giles and I can't lift them down to the basement.

Who is this Darla person you are talking to?

Do you know what Xander has to tell me?

Have you seen Dawn's journal? She's worried about orgasms with someone at school.
The journal is called morethanakey. I do not know how link to it. I think the name is a bit obvious.


Yeah, demon girl, I c'n come by. Wot, too heavy for your ever-lovin' man to lift?

And no, don't know about wot Xander 'as to say.

I'll go look at Dawn's journal. Niblet will be the death of me yet.

Dawn will be coming round to the shop this afternoon after school. She only has a half day today.

Xander has to work long hours at the site to make lots of money to pay for the wedding. You will be coming won't you? You and Giles will have to arrange the Stag Night.

Well I be 'round t'the shop t'see Niblet and 'elp you with the boxes.

And I thought it was the job of the best man t'arrange the stag night. Dunno wot you've eard, but Xander never asked me t'be best man.

He asked Willow to be best person.

There won't be any need now. Xander and I have split up so that Xander can explore his sexuality and clear up his confusion.

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