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Spike, the blonde Sex God

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First Day Back
never enough spike
well it's my first day back, so to speak. *sighs* Still have to see everyone and get all the balls rolling.

So many people to see, so many people to love. I've been starved of it, and now I intend to feast. Sorry if that's not the reward the PTB had in mind, but there it is. S'wot I want.

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((no-one can see this but spike))

It's strange isn't it Spike... being back... everything is so different.

*smiles wistfully* i'm jealous of you for your ability to love any and all... and you deserve the reward... i believe you deserve all the love in the world spike.... and you have mine, always and forever, i'm sorry it took me this long to admit it, but like you... i'm not letting any chances pass me by.



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